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The Atlantis Traditional Rugs category captures all those rugs that are less than 60 years old but whose construction follow similar processes and adopt some of the same patterns and colours of the antique rugs: giving a similar look and feel to the older rugs in our range. The patterns are as intricate as the  antique rugs as well as the traditional rugs also having medallions as central focal points. In addition traditional rugs bring in newer geometric patterns that swirl in mesmerizing symmetry across the surface of each of the rugs.

All our traditional rugs are handmade rugs, you can check authenticity against their machine made rug counterparts by looking at the underside of the rug and if you cannot see the pattern as clearly as on the top then it is not a handmade rug. On our website we clearly mark rugs that are handmade and rugs that machine made, and each comes with the Atlantis rugs certificate of authenticity.

Particularly famous for traditional rugs are the regions Tabriz, Isafahan, Mashad and Hamadan and these are exported globally from these regions. Traditional rugs are more likely to contain beige, blue and red in their colours with blue being used more and more in rug designs. The pile of traditional rugs, determined by the density and the length of the carpet fibres that are used to weave the rugs, is normally made up of wool and more recently wool and silk has been used as a combination, given an even softer feel to the rugs. Traditional rugs come in all shapes and sizes and make up the bulk of Atlantis rugs Persian rug range.


Traditional Oriental Rugs

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