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The Lurs and Bakhtiari provinces located in south-west of Isfahan. The common languages within the Lori region are Persian and Kurdish, and the most common pattern on the carpets and rugs are geometrical. Colours also widely vary from red, green, blue, and beige. The knot density of Lori rugs, a traditional measure for quality of handmade Persian carpets and handmade Persian rugs, range from 30 knots per square inch (KPSI) on the low end to 90 knots per square inch (KPSI) on the high end. For two Persian rugs of the same age, origin, condition and design, the one with the higher number of knots will be the more valuable. Lori rugs normally have a pile, determined by the density and the length of the carpet fibres that are used to weave these Persian rugs, of wool and the foundation, the strong threads that make up the base of Persian carpets, is made up of cotton.