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Kerman is located South East of Persia. It is believed that Ardeshir, who was the founder of the Sassanid Empire, and was known as the ‘King of Kings’ hatched his plans in Kerman in the 3rd century. This area is steeped in history and some of the oldest Persian rugs known have been found in this area, some dating back as much as 500 years ago. Kerman rugs, living up to the providence of the region are some of the most traditional Persian rug patterns, with medallions and flora and fauna repeated all across the rugs and carpets. The depictions of flowers are beautiful to say the least, with the main colours used red, blue, yellow, and beige. The knot density of Kerman rugs, a traditional measure for quality of handmade Persian carpets and handmade Persian rugs, ranges from 90 knots per square inch (KPSI) on the low end to 260 knots per square inch (KPSI) on the high end for some of the finest rugs in Persia. Kerman rugs have a pile, determined by the density and the length of the carpet fibres that are used to weave these Persian rugs, of wool on a foundation, the strong threads that make up the base of Persian carpets, of cotton.