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Atlantis Rugs Rug Pile & Patterns Guide


Pile and Patterns of Persian rugs, Indian rugs and Oriental rugs

As well as colour, rugs can be defined by their pile, determined by the density and the length of the carpet fibres that are used to weave these rugs, and patterns that sweep across their surface area empowered with symbolism, emotion and skills that sets these rugs apart from any others in the world. Each of these is explained in more detail below.

Rug piles:

Unfortunately adopted as the explanation for an uncomfortable medical condition, rug piles are different and define how the rug will feel, look and radiate. Rug makers across the world will choose different materials to create a rug, but the most common that you will see in the Atlantis rugs are wool and wool and silk. By choosing the length of the material left on each knot, a rugmaker can define the thickness of a rug, and by the closeness of each knot can define the density of the rug. The density is commonly measured by 'knots per square inch' or 'KPSI'. For rugs of the same age, origin, condition and design, the one with the higher number of knots will be the more valuable. KPSI for each rug can vary from a low end of 10 knots per square inch up to more intricate designs that borders in 300 knots per square inch. The mathematics to see how much longer a more dense rug will take to create is pretty obvious from this measure!

Unfortunately with the spread of the skill of rugmaking, not only did the materials and styles change, but the measurements also changed as well. The measurement for density in Persia is different from India and the Orient. We have adopted the Western measure, which looks at knots per square inch in an inch long and an inch wide, rather than in Persia where it is measured using the 'raj' (thought to come from the length of a rolled cigarette), and the Orient, which use the 'line'. By doing this we can ensure that you are able to compare each of the rugs against each other, rather than have to roll a cigarette and try and work it out that way! Why not click on some of the pile material options below and see if you can spot some of the differences...



Rug patterns:

There are a myriad of different rug patterns that are created from different influences, materials and colours. Influences range from famous landmarks, to emotions and portrayals of ancient scenes and symbolisms. Every handmade rug will be different, but in order for you to be able to try and find the rug that is right for you, we have tried to break these down into the distinct areas that see below. We hope that this will help you begin your search for the statement that will bring warmth and excitement to any room.