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Atlantis Rugs Region Guide


Why the region for Persian rugs, Indian rugs and Oriental rugs is important

Rug making has been a skill that has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. It is widely believed that the skill in handmade carpets we see today originated somewhere in Persia. Wherever this happened, trade and skills for rugmaking have expanded, with each region and continent adapting to the materials and tools they had available at the time. As a result different regions put a slightly different slant on the rugs that they produce.

When choosing a rug, we believe it is important that you get to know the different types of rugs available, so you can begin to understand the inspirations that drive the fantastic designs and colour density within each and everyone of our rugs. In each of our 'buyer' guides, we look to try and give you some detail and information about each of the rugs in the Atlantis rugs range. 

We have listed the regions in which we currently have stock below. If you click on a region it will take you to a page that tries to explain some of the elements that are specific to the region as well as listing all the rugs that we have in that region.


Regions in stock for Persian rugs, Indian rugs and Oriental rugs.