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Welcome to Atlantis Rugs, the Home of Mysterious Treasures


Well done on finding us!

Welcome to Atlantis rugs, and firstly let us congratulate you on visiting us, we hope that you enjoy seeing some of the fantastic art creations in the form of our Persian rugs, Oriental rugs and Indian Rugs. Before you get started looking at the rugs, we thought we might talk you through how we have set up the site, and the best way to ensure you can find what you are looking for.


The rug buying experience part 1

For those that have ever visited a rug bazaar in a foreign country, it can be an exciting and exhilarating experience. The sites, the sounds, and sometimes the smells are an assault on the senses, and sometimes the salesman can be a quite pushy too. This is enthusiasm more than anything else, and although we can't replicate some of the sensory excitements in an experience online, what we can do is deliver you the ability to find exactly what you want quickly

In the same way that you would walk into a rug bazaar and see piles of rugs of all different shapes and sizes, we provide the same volumes of choice (and more) to you on Atlantis rugs.

When you purchase a rug, you might have a particular type of rug size, colour, region, pattern, pile type or shape in your head. If this is where you want to start then we recommend that you visit one of our buying guide areas that are linked to below.


However, you may have a particular rug type (i.e. Persian Hamadan Rug) that you are after, so please feel free to put a search in the box at the top right. The system is set-up so that it will try and predict what you are looking for based on the most popular searches of everyone else. 


I've found some rugs I am interested in, what next?

When you are looking at the rugs in the list you will notice that there are 2 features, 'Quickview' and 'Wishlist+'. We understand that you will not be able to make up your minds straight away, and want to build a shortlist of your favourites. Quickview gives you a snapshot of the product without navigating you away from that page, so you can quickly go down the list and have a look at multiple rugs. If you want to create a shortlist, then use the Wishlist+ function, as this will add products to your own private list. Bear in mind that you will have to register before you can use the Wishlist function.


I've built a shortlist, what next?

Once you have a shortlist, go to your account section and under wishlist you will see the rugs that you have added. You can drill into further information and take a closer look by clicking on each of the products. The product detail page will give you a much greater level of detail, multiple images and zoom, more information about the colours, regions, piles and where relevant information about any repairs that have taken place. If at any point you want to ask a question then use there is a comments section next to each rug, please feel free to post your comments or questions there. You will notice that there is a section at the bottom of the product page with additional rugs. Based on the attributes of the rug, we have given some other options for rugs that closely match the rug that you are looking at.


I've decided, what next?

At any point you can 'Buy Now', this will add the product to your basket and direct you to the product page. You can then 'Proceed to checkout' and use one of our multiple secure options to checkout. You can choose to have the rug delivered where you want, and there are multiple deliver options.

Enjoy our site, if you have any queries don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.