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Karen purchases a Traditional Persian Tabriz Rug

Karens Customer Feedback

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Top view of traditional persian rug

Why we like it

We love the blues in this rug, it is quite reare to have such strong blues over the reds that normally are quite prevalent in Tabriz Rugs. The rug us handmade and the knots per square inch are 120 which is to quite a high level of craftsmanship. The rug had a bit of wear on it as highlighted below, which we all think adds to the character:

Small wear on traditional Persian Rug          Small wear on traditional Persian Rug

Where is Tabriz?

The city of Tabriz is one of the largest cities in Persia and also the capital in the province of Azerbajdzjan. The population mostly comprises of the Azaris, who are the largest ethnic minority in Persia and speak the Turkish dialect.

The city is very old and has for centuries been a very important trading place and border station. Known attractions are the Blue Mosque and the giant bazaar that are well worth a visit. Tabriz rugs are Persian rugs, and are woven in the large city of Tabriz and numerous small surrounding villages in the Northwest section of Persia, which has been one of the foremost centres of rug weaving for hundreds of years.

The weavers here are among the fastest and most skilled in Persia. Ancient palaces and ruins are often seen on the carpets. On the corners it is sometimes possible to see the four great Persian poets: Sadi, Hafez, Ferdowsi and Omar Khayam. Like all Persian rugs, there are many unique designs but typically the pattern in a Tabriz rug is filled with dense floral motifs, large palmettes, vases, or vivid hunting scenes or pictorials in the field.

These can be with or without a medallion at the centre, and geometric designs often appear with the weave design. Weaving in Tabriz region can vary greatly in quality, common qualities of Knot density of Tabriz rugs, a traditional measure for quality of handmade Persian carpets and handmade Persian rugs, range from 30 to 500 knots per square inch (KSPI). For two Persian rugs of the same age, origin, condition and design, the one with the higher number of knots will be the more valuable. Weaving in Tabriz region can vary greatly in quality, but Tabriz rugs range invariably arrange from 30 to 500 KSPI.

Like many Persian rugs, Tabriz rugs normally have a pile, determined by the density and the length of the carpet fibres that are used to weave these Persian rugs, of wool, silk, silk & wool on a foundation, the strong threads that make up the base of Persian carpets, of cotton or silk.

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